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This is a quick tutorial showing you how to make self-referencing pages in Notion.

It is a technique that I use throughout my entire Notion system and it allows me to edit my page properties anywhere on the page. You no longer are confined to editing page properties on the top.

This is extremely useful if you had a specific page workflow in mind because you can have your own workflow whilst still using Notion’s page properties feature. I use this extensively in my Life Journal Notion System.


You have to be familiar with the basics of Notion and its…

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I don’t recommend journaling to anyone because I myself don’t do it. The process has always been seen as a mindfulness activity, yet, I think the biggest benefit of journaling is documentation.

I was sold on the idea of intentional documentation by Nathaniel Drew. I find myself not remembering my previous days and work, so keeping a record of my daily activities helps me reflect. It also feels good to be able to see concrete events that have happened in my life.

In the book How to Decide by Annie Duke, she mentions that life documentation can help prevent hindsight…

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I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. On one hand, I love creating delicious food for myself and others to eat. Especially, when you see the joy a home cook meal brings. But on the other hand, I hate the process that leads up to the cook itself. You know, the whole figuring out what to eat, choosing recipes, making a shopping list, doing the actual shopping, etc. It’s all so messy and stressful.

I know there are many businesses out there made to solve this problem. Like how Hello Fresh delivers recipes and groceries to your doorstep. …

A Simple Computational Design Script

Like other fields out there, the term “computational design” is extremely vague and be used to describe almost anything out there. Because of that, it took me 3 months and 5 drafts to come up with my answer.

Even after all that time, I am not sure I am able to pin down the full definition but it does give an overall representation of what computational design is about.

In one sentence, computational design, or CoDe for short is about designing processes. One that tries to bring out the best in computers and their users.

An ideal process is one…

And Here’s a Step-by-step on How to Make One

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For the most part of my life, learning was taken care of by schools and courses. Only when I graduated did I see what a major flaw this is, we were never taught how to learn on our own.

Structured learning governs most of our lives and for good reason. If everyone has to learn on their own, we as humans won’t get very far. I mean, can you imagine learning on your own as a child? No schools to teach you what was right, it would be total anarchy.


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I am not going to sugarcoat it, growing up, I was a fat kid. Not obese but definitely chubby. I was okay with that but I never felt happy about my own health. And for good reason.

I wasn’t healthy. I regularly ate junk food ranging from chips, soda, etc. But then I had my first crush on this girl and wanting to impress her was my new life motto. So that day after school, I picked up my dad’s set of dumbbells at home, did some quick research, and worked out for the first time in my life.


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I still remember the day I made the decision to start fasting. I told myself to try it out for a month and see how I feel. The next thing I knew, I had been fasting for a little over 2 years now.

I did struggle in the beginning but now fasting for 20–22 hours feels almost as natural as eating does. Along the way, I picked up a few things and found that fasting has a lot more benefits than just what you can find with a quick google.

Just for completion and to name a few. …


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Most of us are no strangers to checklists. The most popular ones are the grocery list, the to-do list, etc.

The one lesser-known type of checklist is the yes/no checklist. It has recently made its way as one of the most useful tools but the advice out there on making one is still vague and uncertain.

After all, a checklist that can govern one’s decision is probably highly personal and no two checklists are ever the same. Personally, a good yes/no checklist should be built on principles. Specifically, important principles in one’s life.

It shouldn’t just be a list of…

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Do you know the age-old advice of “ Don’t Compare Yourself to Others”? Well, I am here to fight that today.

I have never been a really competitive guy myself but when I do enter competitions, I normally find myself in 2nd place most of the time. It seems like don’t matter what I do or how hard I work, my destiny was to never reach 1st place.

I vividly remember always comparing myself with the person in 1st place and asking myself why I couldn’t be like him/her.

But comparing ourselves with someone “better ” is a sure-fire way…


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If you knew me 5 years ago, I think you would have agreed with my parents and friends that I was a very stubborn person. I refused to be wrong and never listened to the advice of others because I was alright right.

I was that annoying friend that “proves everyone wrong”. I would never let a person go if he uttered a single idea that went against what I knew.

and My method for bringing them over to my side?

A constant stream and attack of facts and reasoning of why my idea/opinion was the best one. …


Engineer. Programmer. Computational Designer. Currently in Sydney.

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