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  • Brian Baker

    Brian Baker

    New writer on Medium. I work in the IT health field. I hope to integrate my love of writing with my fascination with science and art.

  • Atleas Grace

    Atleas Grace

    Part logic, part heart. She/her. I like to make sense of the world by sharing my stories and helping others grow.

  • Arnold Masanga

    Arnold Masanga

    Software developer and writer. I am here to add value through my stories and make you laugh. Feel free to let me know how I am doing :)

  • luis molina

    luis molina

    Exploring ideas about habits, negative reinforcement and writing.

  • Andrew Rodwin, Emoji Trapper

    Andrew Rodwin, Emoji Trapper

    Software engineer. Avid reader. Occasional writer.

  • Emil Carlsson

    Emil Carlsson

    Fighter pilot reject taking notes on how to follow your dreams. I’m publishing those notes right here every day.

  • Rebecca Lea Morris

    Rebecca Lea Morris

    Math, science, history & philosophy. Homepage: https://rebeccaleamorris.com

  • Carly Bush

    Carly Bush

    Writing about the intersection of creativity and psychology.

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